Monday, January 30, 2012

Pins and Needles No More

Hola friends. As most of you know, I received my letter from The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, letting me know I have been accepted into their physician assistant program. Holy Moly Guacamole. My interview went great but as time passed, I kept rethinking answers and self doubt had started to set in. One of my aunts is a psychologist and she had me doing visualization exercises. "Visualize the letter in the mail box....visualize you opening the envelope....feel your emotions and harness your nervous energy....visualize you reading that you have been accepted." To be honest, I had visualized both answers....congrats and REJECTED!!! I tried to run through emotions of both outcomes and as of Saturday morning, felt pretty good about either outcome. Well, let me tell you what. That mumbo jumbo crap flew completely out the window when I got my hot little hands on that letter. We had taken Holland to ballet and stopped for donuts and coffee. Our mail runs super early at the new house (praise the Lord because we got our mail at our old house at 4pm....could you imagine the angst?) and as we were pulling up I told Chris to stop and get the mail. I didn't REALLY think we would get letters this fast but I had been checking the mail like clock work. I knew we had received it when Chris grabbed the mail and gave a strange look over his shoulder. He got in the car and handed it over. Peace out serenity. Peace out visualizations. My hand began to shake and the tears were on the verge. Chris lovingly offered to open it. Oh hell no. I opened it and saw there was two pages. Two pages.....two pages is good right? Scan scan scan (I visualized big bold letters saying CONGRATULATIONS) and gave up and started at the top:

Ms Robertson:
We are pleased to inform you that you have been admitted....

Stop reading and start screaming. The kids were terrified until we explained Mommy was happy. I seriously had a permagrin for the entire day. The two other girls I know were accepted as well so that makes it even more fun!

I feel a little lighter in my step and able to calm down and relax. I hadn't realized how much the anxiety had been affecting me until it was gone. Hip hip! I am terrified of how hard it will be and how much work it will take but it feels good to be able TO worry about those things! I took I gigantic leap of faith in August of 2010 and I am so lucky that God has essentially paved my path. There's been a few bumps and cracks but all in all, smooth travels. I can't thank you all enough for your constant encouragement and support. I'm so looking forward to this journey ahead and can't wait to take you all with me!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hello Blog, It's me...your author

Okay okay...I think it's been a little while since I've last checked in and I know you all are dying to know what I've been up to. Well....hold on tight folks because this will be one info heavy post that's more than likely light on the humor.

Things are nutso around here lately. I finished my last full semester of pre reqs at UCO last week. I'm pretty proud of myself, I ended with a whole row of straight A's. I had Chemistry II, Chem lab, Anatomy w/ lab, and Physiology w/ lab. It was a little much at once but I thoroughly enjoyed the content and the friends I had in classes. I realize I said "friends" and trust weirds me out to say I have friends from school. I met some other people applying to OU and we all instantly hit it off (I met others I wanted to stab with my probe), I met a ton of nursing students who all say they can't wait to work for me some day (thanks?) and some people I know I will stay in contact with for a long time. Praise the lord!

As most of you know, I did receive the highly anticipated call that I was accepted to INTERVIEW for the PA Program at OU. Huge audible sigh of relief. I was told mid week, mid morning is a good time and got the time slot of 11:00am on Jan 11th. I would think that is a good omen but we'll see. I'm pretty confident in my interviewing skills for a pharma job but not so much for the PA Program. I've been doing my research and plan on doing a ton of practicing. I also plan on writing things on my hand like, "Be likeable", "Don't say you know too many times", "don't blow it" and "stop sweating freak". We find out our fate about a month later so I will probably be a basket case until mid February. Let's just hope I'm not a 250 pound basket from stress eating. On a side come you never hear of people saying they are stress runners or stress stair climbers. hmm. Any who, I am pretty pumped, excited and nervous as heck.

As fate would have it, I put off all Christmas shopping and prep until I was done with finals. Well....we got the AMAZING news that the contingency has been removed on our house and we are headed to closing. We basically have 3 weeks to move out of our house and into our rent house. Great news but slightly overwhelming! I keep looking around our house wondering why the stuff is still bout because you haven't packed it in a box yet. Wow. The house we are moving in to needs a TON of work for me to feel comfortable with the kids and my eyeballs living there. My amazing hard working husband has been spending his lunch hours and evenings stripping wall paper, texturing cinder blocks, and prepping to paint an ENTIRE house. All while his sweet mom, brother and grandma have been helping out and making improvements. The house is not our ideal situation but it's probably the best we could find for the money. Of course my ridiculously selfless mother and aunts have all but begged for us to move into their houses, eat their food and use their electricity but we feel like we need our own space, places for the pups and something to call ours....well, ours that we rent from someone else. I just can't imagine asking them to sacrifice even more for the next couple of years. It's on a few acres which will be exciting but a total bitch to mow! C-Rob's grandparents have an amazing and enormous garden out there that I feel like it will be a great lesson for the kids. We still have school issues to figure out but all in all, we are so so thankful to be able to stop paying that mortgage on one income and be able to take a breath.

We are anxiously awaiting Christmas. It's always stressful for us with the kiddos going every which direction but we love having so many people that love us. It's a small price to pay! I'm super pumped to see Holland's reaction this just keeps getting better!

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Merry Christmas to you and yours. May your holiday be truly blessed.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mall Observations

So I went to the mall today by myself during the kid's naps. I just wanted to get out of the house and see what all is out there. I needed to get something at Sephora and I had a gift card to Bath & Bodyworks. Throughout the duration of my outing, I encountered several observations. They are as follows:

-if I don't feel like getting ready and making myself look presentable, I put on full workout attire. I'm talking capris, sports bra, t shirt, and sneakers. I put my hair back and wear a scunci. I want people to think, "whoa, that girls looks like crap but ONLY because she just got done running a marathon or doing Bikram yoga" when in all actuality I've been sitting at home, playing with kids while in pajamas. It works for me, don't judge.
- I was listening to Johnny Cash in the car and can't hear "Ring of Fire" without reminiscing about Holland's birth. If you have to ask, you will never understand.
- There are some men that actually think they can pull off the man purse thing....or the also observed man clutch/make up bag. News flash: they can't.
- I'm a marketing managers dream come true. If there's a promotion going on....hook, line, and sinker. I'm yours. In my defense, I had a gift card. I'm not really a Bath & Bodyworks kinda gal but how can you resist a buy 3 get 3 free sale? I went in for foaming hand soap in bulk and came out with A foaming hand soap and shower gels, lotion and body sprays that will probably end up in a garage sale or goodwill box.
- I felll back in love with Banana especially with the addition of the new MadMen collection.
- Everyone and their dog (read: 12 kids) goes to the mall on the weekends.
- The best way to avoid those freaking annoying nail/lotion kiosk people is to hold your cell phone and have an imaginary conversation.
- Your child hitting a complete stranger on the back of the neck with a sticky hand (me being that complete stranger) is apparently hilarious. No cause for discipline or scolding. Just funny.
- I squealed with glee when I saw Crewcuts is now in stores.
- When there's a line of cars waiting on your spot, people don't think it's funny when you put your bags in your trunk and then turn and head back to toward the mall and then say just kidding and laugh and wave at the car. If someone did that to me, I would crack up and give a thumbs up. Let's just say I didn't get a thumbs up. So I took a super long time to back out.

I came home exhausted. I managed to see everything I wanted, try things on and wait in gigantic lines and get home just as the kids were waking up. Next post: Observations from the post office. Get excited.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Line Anxiety

I had an epiphany this weekend. I have complete line anxiety. It took a Friday evening showing of Harry Potter for me to finally admit it.

Case Study #1: We planned on getting to the theater early. It was a 7:45 showing on a Friday night, Imax and 3D, so we knew to plan accordingly. We ate super early (5:30) which worked out well because apparently if your pathetic enough to eat at geriatric times you also receive your sushi half off. Score one for the oldies! We grabbed a quick cupcake and headed to AMC. When we arrived the anxiety kicked in. We grabbed our tickets at the little check in desk since we payed online. We had to stand there for a couple of minutes while the "manager" talked to us endlessly about the benefits of joining STUBS, the movie rewards program. Meanwhile, 100 people got in line before us. 'Preciate that. We saw are line and walked to the end. Boom.....I quickly scan the line and notice our position. In true Rain Man fashion I realize I am highly uncomfortable with our front of the line to back of the line ratio position. In my mind, all of the people ahead of me were sneering and snickering, "should've planned better dummy". Position was crucial because you can't watch IMAX 3D up front or on the side....especially after paying $20 bucks a ticket or whatever. The line quickly begins to move and I am utterly relieved when I realize there were two showings in one line. We dodged a bullet. We caught the snitch. Hey oh!! I found us two seats in the middle of a respectable row. We squeezed through the row only to find out the lady was saving those three seats. Oh, and the three seats to the right of her too. Wow. Thanks for the heads up on that one when you saw us shimmying through the row a mile back. I mumbled something about voldermort under my breath and we made our way to some pretty good seats.

Case Study #2: I had to go to the bathroom before it started so Chris asked me to get some popcorn, a drink and sweet tarts (seriously) so I went to the lobby and immediately sized up the lines and made the best choice. It's meticulous calculation because many times, two or more people are standing in line together but not both placing an order. I try to determine relational lines and pick the best. I settled in a line but began the second guessing. I spot a man about the same distance back and I monitor and measure my progress against his. It isn't until someone gets in line BEHIND me that I feel total validation. Like, yes....I picked the obvious best choice. Suck it every other line. I get all testy at how slow the workers are moving, how less talking more working needs to be done, and how people should have their selections solidified before they arrive at the counters. Needless to say, I got our snacks and made it to our seats well before previews. I just needed a Xanex when I sat down! And don't even get me started on airport security lines, wedding buffet lines and the grocery store. Oy vey!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vacay.....oy vey!

So I have been bitten by the travel bug. However, I've simultaneously been bitten by the budget bug, the school bug, as well as the house on the market bug. It would appear that I need an exterminator. Anywho, all of my friends seem to be planning these fabulous summer vacations so I find myself spending free time looking at vacation rentals all over the world and dreaming of the day I will finally get a vacay. It's been awhile. My last vacation was a working vacation in San Diego with Chris. It was fabulous. Before that, it was a Sonoma/San Fran trip. That was pre Oscar so at least 2.5 years ago. My sister's in Vegas right now and I'm totally jels. I don't even like Vegas all that much but I would go in the blink of an eye. Ugh. I thought that since I cannot find the time, nor afford to take a dream vacation, I would list the places I would go. Some of these are bucket list places and some are places I've been before.

Bucket List:
Marrakesh, Morocco
Phuket, Thailand
Bombay, India (I think you say Mumbai now)
Santorini and/or Crete

Not necessarily bucket list but places I'm curious about:
Savannah, GA - don't judge
Amalfi Coast

Monte Carlo or Nice or St. Tropez....I would take any
Seattle - loves
Sonoma/Napa - so relaxing
NYC - preferably during US Open
Lake Bled, Slovenia - beautiful and my best friend.....a twopher!
Destin, FL
Mexico - hopefully leaving without a missing organ, being beheaded, or held for ransom.

That's a hefty list....I realize. Just think, if everyone who reads this blog would just donate $1, I could buy a travel guide to one of these places. That way, when I hit the jackpot, I would know exactly where to stay, eat, and shop!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Moment of Truth

Attention, attention.....the grades are in! After anxiously awaiting grades to post, I am happy to confirm that my first semester back in college is completed and officially in the books. All in all, not too bad. Finals week is no bueno and I apparently made A's by the skin of my teeth for the majority of my classes. Which sucks. Really. I like being in a position where it doesn't really matter what you make on the final because it can't hurt or help you. Granted, Gen Ed Psych was a whole other story! I got an email from my professor the weekend before the final telling me not to show up. There was no possible way for me to make a B so there was no reason wasting the energy taking the 200 question final. Ummmm.....sure. No problem! So without further adieu, I present to you my Fall 2011 Report Card:

Psychology: A++
Chemistry I: A
Chemistry I Lab: A
Biology for Majors: B (B stands for BOOOOOOOO. News flash: online doesn't stand for easy)
Physics I: A

Four A's and a B are alright with me. I anticipated a B in chemistry so I guess I can't be too upset about the B in Bio. But seriously, how can I get an A in lessons like stoichiometry, quantum mechanics, and such and get a B with lessons like What is an ecosystem, natural selection and photosynthesis? Oh well. So for now I am preparing to take my GRE in a little over a week and my summer session starts in June with Microbiology. For those that don't know, the GRE is basically a vocab and math test. But the vocab is redonkulous. I give you permission to punch me if I ever use the following words in everyday conversation; kingling, abscond, acerbity, datum or macadamize. However, after the recent discovery of the GRE app (yes, there's an app for that) I now know what those words mean. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 my face red!

I just got home from taking my second to last Physics Exam of the semester at OCCC. In case you were wondering what the kids call it these days, it's O-Trip. Good to know. So I use this cute little Vera Bradley bag as my O-Trip school bag. It's the perfect size and has great pockets. I keep my cell phone in the front snap pocket. Upon entering the building tonight, I saw a few of my fellow classmates sitting on a big couch in front of the Physical Science Center. So I sat down and we started quizzing each other. I remember hearing the tone my phone makes when I get an email and that reminded me I needed to put it on I did. I went in and took my test. Piece a cake, in and out in about 20 minutes. I leave the class and open the pocket that ALWAYS holds my phone. Not there. I empty the contents of the bag on a table. No phone to be found. Fabulous. What's an iPhone 4 running these days?

I walk down to the safety and security office to see if a fellow, benevolent O-Trip student has turned it in. After all, I have this adorable personalized case on it. Here's how the conversation went:
Me: Did anyone turn in a phone within the last 30 minutes?
Security Guard #1: No. Do you remember where you had it last?
Me: Yeah, on the couch in front of the Physical Science Center. It's an iphone and it has my name on it.
Security Gaurd #2: Unfortunately, cases come right off and doesn't make it more likely to be turned in. (duh) If we catch the person who took it, do you want to press charges?
Me: uuuuhhhhhh.....I just want my phone back.
SG #2: We can't tell you to press charges or not but if you don't, what's keeping that scum bag from stealing someone else's phone.
Me: Oh good point. Then yes, press charges!
SG #1: You said it was about 30 minutes ago, right?
Me: Right
SG #1: You didn't leave it on the couch.
Me: What, are you sure?
SG #1: Yep. (Looking at a monitor on his desk) I see you sitting there with your friends. I see you get up. There was no phone left behind.
Me: Oh wow. That's cool you guys can see all that.
SG #2: What's the number?
Me: It's on vibrate but it's (give my number).
SG #2: If it's turned off, it definitely was stolen. My experience has been that phone stealers immediately turn the phone completely off. (Dials phone) (Vibrating begins in my bag).
Me: (Talking very loudly so SG #1 and SG #2 cannot hear vibrating in my bag....pretty sure it was up against a pin or something). Wow, have you guys seen Minority Report? That's what I feel like you guys have going on in here with all your monitors and what not. Like COGS are telling you who took people's stuff. This is so cool. Oh wow, is that like Doppler Radar. Do you think we will get severe weather tonight?
SG #1: It should miss.....
Me: Well thanks guys, here's my email if someone turns in the phone. Have a good night.

I go to the bathroom in order to search my bag.....figured I was safe from the cameras. Needless to say, I found it in a pocket I didn't even know existed. It was like an accidental pocket. Ugh. Good to know.